Cortana Comes to Windows 10 SOON, Upcoming Build Reveals

There are many who have already downloaded the first technical preview of Windows 10, Microsoft revealing that the number is more than 1 million.

One of the upcoming features that many of them are looking forward to is Cortana, the virtual assistant that is currently available only on Windows Phone. Thus, with this new features, Microsoft wants to make Windows 10 as mobile as possible.

As you can see in the above sreenshot coming from BuildFeed website, Windows 10 build 9867 is ready for testing, with the name being “6.4.9867.0.fbl_cortana.141019-0928”. This is an obvious hint that Cortana is ready to be deployed into an upcoming build of Windows 10.

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cortana windows 10

Previously, Microsoft has also confirmed that a new version of Windows 10 Technical Preview is on the cards and ready for release. Could this be an early proof to Cortana’s release on Windows 10? To be frank, I was expecting a later launch, somewhere in 2015, but this is welcome, nonetheless.

Also, it seems that Microsoft partners are the ones who will get it the first.

New window animations in the next Windows 10 Technical Preview build are also said to be on the cards, which could make the operating system look better. Also, the Start menu is expected to get new visual effects, and many other minor improvements could be deployed, as well.

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