Mozilla Firefox App for Android Now Sends Videos to Chromecast and Roku, Download Now

Mozilla’s Firefox mobile browser for Android users has recently seen a big update, that’s definitely worth checking out. Millions use it daily on their devices, so this update is very important,

With the latest version of Mozilla Firefox for Android, you can now send videos to Chromecast and Roku devices, which is really awesome. Now, straight from your Firefox browser, you can send that cute puppy video and see it on your TV with the use of Chromecast.

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The app now comes with enhanced tab management, which means it’s now easier to manage your tabs on your Android smartphone or tablet. It’s now possible to undo a closed tab, list recently closed tabs and close all tabs at once. There’s also the quick switch-to-tab option.

firefox android app

When quitting, the data is now being cleared, as well. There are new languages added, as well – Aragonese, Frisian, Kazakh and Khmer. Android 2.2 and ARMv6 are no longer supported, so make sure you upgrade.

At the moment, MP4 videos will not play on Android L, but this will probably get solved with a future update. Also, the graphic buffer garbage is visible in some instances.

With this update, Firefox for Android becomes even better, so make sure you grab the update for your smartphone and tablet.

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