Football Manager 2015 Release Date is now OFFICIAL!

It’s that time of the year again! SI games will soon release 22nd version of Football Manager, and all ‘home managers’ will start to build and manage their teams, just like it was the case for many years. Football Manager 2015 will be released on 7th November and it will bring some changes and improvements to the game.


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The first change that caught our attention is a redesigned interface, after that there are match engine improvements including motion capture implementation, manager design and tendencies, and most important to many players, scouting has also been improved a lot.

So, as a big fan of Football Manager, I must agree with many other players who are very excited about those improvements.

Managers will now be able to specify what exactly are they looking for in a new signing, and scouts will provide you with recommendations based on your desire. Also the scouting will be more realistic now, for example, the more you scout the player, the more accurate your scouting reports will be.

So that means that player might look great after the first report, but further reports might prove that he is not as good as you thought. In prior to that, you’ll be able to scout a player for a specific time (up to three months), instead of only being able to scout him for up to three matches as it was the case in the previous installments.

The scout will send you weekly report card of the player, which will provide you a detailed scouting report and help you to decide whether this player is good enough to sign, or not.

As for the interface, Sports Interactive wants to make the experience more organized and more complex at the same time, with the new sidebar which is meant to bring more information and better visibility to the manager.

For those unfamiliar with the Football Manager, and I believe that there’s not many of you out there, FM is nothing like FIFA or PES, like you probably though at first.

These games are raw football simulations, while the Football Manager is an extremely detailed simulation of football management. It offers you control of nearly everything, from making a simple tactic, to building a new stadium.

So what do you expect from the new Football Manager? Will these changes really make playing of this game more realistic? Tell us in the comment section below.

Check out all new features, changes and improvements of the Football Manager 2015 in this video:

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