LG V30: The Perfect Smartphone for Content Creators and Audiophiles

This month is looking great for smartphone fans everywhere. Obviously, everybody knows that Apple is getting ready to unveil the highly anticipated iPhone 8 on September 12th. However, LG is also going to unveil an all-round great smartphone, LG G6. The aforementioned handheld device will be something truly special because it will feature extraordinary hardware specs which make it more than capable of delivering some serious competition to likes of iPhone 8. Although, there’s so much more to LG G6 than hardware specs and today we’re going see what else LG G6 has to offer.

Enhanced Media Experiences

LG G6’s most important key selling point is the fact that it offers enhanced media experiences. The smartphone is equipped with Hi-Fi quad DAC that’s going to make audiophiles fall in love with it. Moreover, LG G6’s 32-bit advanced Hi-Fi Quad DAC is fueled by ESS Technology’s SABRE ES9218P. Things get even better since the audio system has also been optimized by special developers so that its able to output higher audio quality. Therefore, listening to FLAC format tracks is going to be quite the experience.

Perfect for Movie Editors

Daily vlogging is the latest trend on YouTube and LG sees this as an opportunity. The South Korean smartphone manufacturer announced that LG G6 will make movie recording and editing so much more enjoyable than other smartphones do. Therefore, LG G6 will feature an enhanced video capture mode that’s perfect in combination with Cine Video modes.

In addition, LG G6 owners can simply pop up the “Create a movie” user interface by selecting the three dots in the menu button. In addition, the video creation user interface is perfectly designed so that it makes the user experience feel smooth and enjoyable. Moreover, LG G6 owners are able to just drag and drop content in the menu and organize it to play in whichever way the wish to. Nonetheless, the smartphone looks like it’s going to be a hit and Apple’s iPhone 8 certainly has something to fear.

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