Apple Leak Reveals Three Major iPhone 8 Secrets

Even though iPhone 8 is only hours away from being unveiled, Apple still couldn’t keep it under wraps. During this past weekend, a handful of journalists and developers somehow managed to get their hands on a leaked version of iOS 11. This is Apple’s latest operating system and it includes important information regarding iPhone 8. Today we’re going to go over the biggest details that these developers and journalists could reveal in order to get an idea of what to expect from iPhone 8.

Three iPhone Models

Yes, you read that right. There won’t be one iPhone, not two but three. The first iPhone 8 will be the standard model, the second will be iPhone 8 Plus which is a larger variant and the third one will be known as iPhone X. We believe that all of them will feature OLED display technology and that the difference between them will be the internal storage and RAM amount.

Face ID Recognition Software

Apple took a page out of Samsung’s book and decided to equip its new iPhone lineup with edge-to-edge displays. However, this means that Apple needed to compromise on the classic Touch ID button. On the bright side though, Apple decided to compensate for that by developing a new Face ID recognition software. Nonetheless, this recent iOS 11 leak confirms this feature.


It seems like Apple found a second purpose for the Touch ID Recognition software since the new iOS 11 will include animojis. iPhone 8 owners will be able to scan their faces and create “custom animated messages that use their voice and reflect their facial expressions”. This is great news for people who love to text since their emoji game will go to the next level. In addition, Android 8.0 Oreo is also introducing 60 new emojis and Apple needed to bring animojis in order to compete.

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