Xbox Live Reputation System is Being Overhauled

We have some great news for Xbox One owners who enjoy playing online games, Microsoft is overhauling its Xbox Live reputation system. This is great news for Overwatch players who are encountering issues because trolls keep on abusing the Xbox Live reputation system to get them banned. Although, Microsoft will not stop from sending out account suspensions but it will be more cautious about it.

Xbox Live Reputation System

Microsoft prides itself in the fact that it always focuses on offering the best player experience. However, Microsoft has been having some big issues with its reputation system. Trolls can abuse it and keep on putting in false reports which automatically ban innocent players. Therefore, Microsoft’s Forum is always filled with complaints about this. Fortunately, Microsoft finally decided to take the matter into its own hands and take care of it.

Microsoft Clarification

In order to bring some clarification and to not confuse Xbox Live subscribers, Mike Ybarra who is Xbox’s Vice President stated the following: “Based on feedback from a number of people across a few competitive games, such as Overwatch, we’re going to change how reports of players impact the ability for people to play multiplayer games”. He then added the following statement: “In short, we’ll change it so that it will have no impact on a player’s ability to join and play multiplayer”.


Another important thing that Mike Ybarra announced is that permabans are still going to be used when Microsoft feels that they are necessary. Moreover, Microsoft will use permabans against Xbox Live players that are known for negative activities such as fraud and cheating. Nonetheless, its great seeing that Microsoft wants to keep enhancing the Xbox user experience and that it keeps on improving, especially since Xbox One X is only months away from launching.

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