Canonical is Hard at Work on Ubuntu Touch RTM, Are you Excited?

“The company behind Ubuntu” now shits all its attention to a smartphone version of the operating system, called Ubuntu Touch RTM. Canonical’s operating system for smartphone devices will be released sometime this fall.


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A huge part of the work is finished, and now developers are looking for bugs and issues that they missed in the first place. Ubuntu Touch is supposed to power Meize and Bq phones, that are scheduled to be released in a few months, some time after Ubuntu Touch’s release.

Canonical’s decision to make the operating system for smartphones is a very brave decision, because it’s not so simple to make operating system for PC to work on handsets.

“There has been a lot of announcements happening recently – from those one thing is important to mention: our current focus is ubuntu-rtm. So, if you want your fixes and features to end up the end-product you _have_ to land your changes to ubuntu-rtm!

We know it might seem a bit troublesome right now, but we, the Landing Team, are trying to help out with this as much as possible. Expect it to be much better in the nearest days,” said Ubuntu developer Łukasz Zemczak

Canonical is working on the phone version of Ubuntu for quite a long time, actually more than a year and a half. And in that period of time, a lot of changes and improvements were applied to the system, especially in the last few months. Unity and other features are nicely packed all together, but there’s still time for the new features and further improvements.

Ubuntu chose two less-known manufacturers for partnership for their new Ubuntu Touch OS, they’re called Meizu and Bq. In case you didn’t hear about these companies, Meizu is one of the biggest headset makers in China, and partnership with Canonical could be profitably for both sides.

On the other hand, Bq is a lot smaller company, and they might look for good promotion and advertisement in a deal with Canonical.

There’s still no exact release date of Ubuntu Touch RTM, but it is said that it will be released sometime in fall. Canonical’s developing team is working very hard on it, and we should expect one stable operating system for smartphones.

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One thought on “Canonical is Hard at Work on Ubuntu Touch RTM, Are you Excited?”

  1. I’ve seen Meizu conference and I don’t want to see Ubuntu Touch on this.
    Meizu just takes ideas of others companies and just make a big mixage of all that.
    Ubuntu is not that. I prefer see Ubuntu Touch on Bq, less famous, but which try to have his own ideas!

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