Samsung confirms Galaxy Gear and Note III launch for September 4

A little ahead of Apple, Samsung is now all prepared to launch two of its forthcoming devices on September 4 during the IFA 2013 which will be held in Berlin.

A Samsung executive has confirmed with The Korean Times that the new watch from the Galaxy Gear series which is the much-awaited wearable device and the Galaxy Note III will be the highlights of the Samsung event at IFA 2013.

While the Samsung executive has confirmed that the wearable device from the Galaxy Gear series will not feature a flexible display, it ill certainly bring a new trend and ‘meaningful momentum’ in the mobile device industry.

The report further confirms, Lee Young-hee, executive vice president of Samsung Mobile, has revealed that this device will run on Android and it will work as an enhancement to smartphones. This would be the first of other advanced wearable devices the company has in its pipeline.

At the moment, Sony is the only company to have a smartwatch in the market, while other players like Apple, Samsung, LG and Google have plans for their own respective devices.


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