Samsung Announces New Bixby Powered Smart Speaker

Last year, Amazon made waves in the tech industry when it launched the Echo gadget. The smart speaker is equipped with Amazon’s artificial intelligence software that’s known as Alexa and customers can’t get enough of it. Other companies such as Apple and Google saw Amazon’s success and decided to launch their own artificial intelligence equipped smart speaker. However, now a new player has entered the game.

Samsung Smart Speaker

Samsung is the biggest tech company in the world and it loves to be involved in all aspects of it. The South Korean tech giant is known to meddle with everything starting with smartphones and ending with TVs. Therefore, no one should be surprised by the fact that Samsung wants to launch its own smart speaker. In addition, Samsung is quite brave to go on and compete against Apple, Google and Amazon.

Artificial Intelligence

Amazon has Alexa, Apple’s Home Pod is equipped with Siri and Google’s Home with its own Android AI assistant. This begs the question which artificial assistant is Samsung going to use? Well, the answer to that question is quite simple since its Bixby. Samsung recently developed its own personal assistant to equip it on its Galaxy S8 flagship. However, Bixby will more than surely also be installed on Samsung’s upcoming smart speaker.


Just like Siri, Alexa and Google assistant, Bixby can solve tasks such launching the camera, answering questions, playing music and so on. Although, the only disadvantage that Bixby has in comparison with its competition is that it only comes in two languages. However, Samsung guaranteed that Bixby will be programmed to work in more than two languages until the new smart speaker comes out. Nonetheless, this is great news for interested customers since the bigger competition means that all companies will probably cut down their prices.

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