Pixel 2 To Use HTC’s Trademark Phone Squeeze Feature

The internet is buzzing with rumors about Pixel 2 as of late. The reason why the entire tech community is talking about Google’s upcoming flagship smartphone is because recent leaks are showing that it passed the FCC certification test which means that it is almost ready to come out. However, another interesting thing that we can note from the FCC report is that Pixel 2 is being manufactured in Taiwan which is HTC’s home country.

HTC Involvement

First off, we need to mention that Google has a long-lasting reputation of always partnering up with different tech companies and creating smartphones together. In fact, every smartphone from the Nexus brand is made in collaboration with other companies. Well, this seems to be case with Pixel 2 as well. While this might not be a bad thing by no means, it kind of ruins Pixel 2’s reputation of being a “pure” Android smartphone.

Nonetheless, now that the FCC report hinted that HTC is involved in Pixel 2’s manufacturing process, people started speculating even more than usual. According to rumors and speculations, HTC wants to tweak out Pixel 2’s display to make it larger, the same way it did with G6. Fortunately for us, these rumors are proven to be true because the FCC report states that Pixel 2 will ship with the same squeezable frame that can be seen on HTC U11.

Active Edge Feature

No one should be surprised to see that HTC decided to add some design changes to Pixel 2 because HTC is a big company that has its own trademark traits. The FCC document mentions that Pixel 2 will ship with an “Active Edge” feature. This is a special technology that HTC likes to equip smartphones with it and it can be used to prompt open Google Assistant just by squeezing the device. Let’s hope that Google decides to use this feature because it will definitely give Pixel 2 an edge over its competition.


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