Overwatch Update Brings 2017 Summer Games and 150 New Cosmetic Changes

Overwatch players should be happy to know that they are in a for a treat! It all started with a leak but now Blizzard has announced that this new Overwatch update brings Summer Games to PS4, Xbox One and PC players. Things get even better since Blizzard also included a bunch of new summer themed skins in the game.

Game Modes

The reason why Summer Games are so highly anticipated by Overwatch players is because they give them two new mods. The first and the most popular one is Lucio Ball which is a “futuristic spin on soccer”. Lucio Ball gives players the opportunity to enter a 3v3 match that’s set in Rio de Janiero’s Estadio das Ras or Sydney’s Harbour Arena and have blast while playing soccer. On the other hand, we have the second game mode that’s known as Copa Lucioball. This is a more competitive take on the first one and it brings leaderboards, skill ranking tiers, competitive points and so on.

Cosmetic Changes

Skins are what make the game more interesting since they give players the chance to show how much they love their favorite champions. Furthermore, skins also bring some flavor to the game. Nonetheless, Blizzard announced that this month’s update brings 150 cosmetic changes and that they can be found in Loot Boxes.


According to a leak that’s been found on Weibo (the Chinese version of Reddit), there is an important code text that contains the following lines “New Hero: Doomfist Currently Online” and “Limited Event: Overwatch Summer Games 2017, from August 9th to 29th”. If this leak proves to be true, it means that Overwatch players finally get the chance to test out Doomfist, who is a new champion and that they will only get a limited time period in which they can play Lucioball.

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