Leak Shows that Samsung Wants to Top Off Galaxy Note 8 with a Special Device

The biggest rivalry in the smartphone world is the one between Samsung and Apple. Both companies love to one-up each other every year but 2017 is without any doubt Samsung’s year. The South Korean tech based giant took the smartphone industry by storm when it launched Galaxy S8 but Samsung is far from over.

Samsung is scheduled to unveil its highly anticipated Galaxy Note 8 phablet later this month, but that’s not all. According to different leaks, Samsung is looking to further milk the Galaxy Note 8 lineup by launching a special and more expensive edition of it which is known as Galaxy Note 8 Emperor. The special edition will be launched with only one purpose in mind, and that’s to appeal to high-ranged budgets because it will be priced somewhere around $1,100.

Galaxy Note 8 Emperor

Now that we know that there’s a special edition of Galaxy Note 8, the question that remains is what do we know about it? Even though Samsung has been doing its best to keep everything a secret, leaksters still managed to get their hands on important information such as the fact that this special edition of Galaxy Note 8 will ship with 256GB of stock internal storage space. Without any further ado, let’s check out everything we know about Galaxy Note 8 Emperor edition.

This special smartphone is said to first launch in South Korea and China and that the rest of the world will have to wait a little more until they can purchase it. No one should be surprised that Samsung chose these two countries since South Korean is its turf and Chinese people are known for loving Samsung devices.

Furthermore, the Emperor Edition will feature the whooping amount of 8GB RAM which is quite large in comparison with the standard model that’s been equipped with only 6GB. As previously mentioned, the storage space will be basically quadrupled. Sadly, this is everything we know about this smartphone but we can be sure that Samsung will release additional information in the upcoming future.

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