Huawei Launches U8300 and U8500 Android Phone in India

Although, most of the major Android phones are yet to make an appearance in India, Huawei seems to be taking some initial steps by launching two new Android handsets which will be later followed by four more devices.

Huawei’s entry in the growing Indian market may bring much sophisticated Android devices in the future. Although, we have the Galaxy S available many other power phones are yet to be announced. The two new Android phones from Huawei, the U8300 and the U8500 will be powered by Qualcomm chipset and will be priced between Rs. 8,000 to Rs. 20,000. Not much of the specifications are yet announced however, the devices are available from today and we will let you know as soon as we hear more.

Huawei U8300

Well, not much of an attractive design the phone is equipped with a HVGA touch screen, full-QWERTY keypad and 3G options. You can access the Google Market and many of the other features which like multiple emailing, widgets and social media integration which basically come along with and Android device.

Huawei U8500

The Huawei U8500 looks like a much decent and normal looking smartphone from Huawei it will be running Android (probably 2.1) with 3G capabilities and video calling. The software part will be quite similar to the U8300 but it looks like this will have a full touchscreen.

While the phones are already launched the specifications are still missing. There are four other Android phones which will be released later and they are the U8230, U8110, U8100 and C8500 check the images in the gallery.

Source: Technoholik

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