Microsoft Lowers The Price Of Its Surface Pro 2 Tablet by $100

Microsoft decided to cut the price of its Surface Pro 2 hybrid tablet by $100. The device can now be found for the price as low as $349. The Surface Pro 2 won’t be only tablet hit by discounts, but it seems that this offer will last only for a limited time.


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Although the price was cut, it still doesn’t include the must-have keyboard attachment, which is characterized as the required addition for every Surface model. Other Surface models, including the LTE-powered, higher-storage SKU will be also available for the lower price.

It seems that lowering the prices became Microsoft’s tradition, because the timing of the reduction merges with last year’s Surface price lowering.

The discounts are available in Microsoft’s retail stores, as well as online stores, such as Amazon. It is said that these price cuts are only for a limited time, expiring on September 27 or, as described, “while stocks last”. Microsoft also gave a limit of five discounted units per customer. Discount of $100 is the thing that points out to a fast stock clearance.

But a clearance to what? Microsoft could end its ARM processor era and discount Surface 2 entirely, or they just make space for a successor model.

It seems that situation is not clear for Microsoft, because Microsoft can’t leave ARM processors, because they’re important for smartphones. However, integration of ARM into tablets have its own question marks, because of the lack of applications and strong competition from x86 Atom tablets.

So, it wouldn’t be a big surprise if we see Surface 2 pushed back for a while, at least until Microsoft is able to give a right purpose to its device.  Some believe that The Surface Mini will use an ARM processor until it was expensively killed off days before it was due to be unveiled. The main reason for its cancellation is probably that it wasn’t a good competition to particularly anything that was on sale.

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  1. The Surface Pro 2 started at $899. The discounted price is now $799. You mistakenly took $100 off the price of a Surface 2.

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