Google Chromecast Now Costs ONLY £18 in the UK

Google’s famous Chromecast dongle, which can be used to stream internet TV directly to your LED tv at home through a simple HDMI dongle. The price wasn’t much steep at £30, but there’s no even less of a reason not to pick it up after its price was slashed to just £18 by UK retailers. And yes, that’s not a typo.


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For any tech geek, there isn’t much reason not to pick up the Google Chromecast, especially at its modest price of just £30. Now, there’s even less excuse to refrain yourself from picking it up, as three online retailers- Amazon, Tesco and Currys have discounted it to just £18.

£18 is quite a bargain for the dongle, with over a 40% discount off its original price. Amazon is offering it with free delivery too! On the other hand, if you walk into a Currys store to purchase the device, you’ll to pay £20, £2 over the online discounted price.

Currently, we’re not really sure whether this price cut is permanent or not, as the Google Play Store is still selling the device for £30. Chromecast recently celebrated its first birthday, with Google reporting that the device had been used to cast content over 400 million times in its first year.

The capabilities of the device have grown steadily over time, with Google recently having added mirroring functionality from almost any Android device.

Chromecast received much praise from reviewers last year when it released, with UK publication TechRadar saying “Chromecast is a cheap and easy way to get video from iPlayer, Netflix and YouTube onto your TV. We’d like more apps but at this price who’s complaining?”

This is the best time to get a Chromecast if you’re interested, the capabilities are sure to increase steadily. Be sure to grab one from these retailers for an awesome discount on the dongle.

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