Animated Clock Icon with New Surprises to Come to Android O

From what it seems, Google is planning on introducing a completely new feature on the upcoming operating system version, namely the Android O. Chris Lacy, the author of the Action Launcher, has recently discovered that the Clock app is going to include an animated icon on the launchers.

A Nice Surprise

The developer confessed that the Pixel Launcher is soon going to include an animated icon for the Google Clock app. There were some similar features that were added for the Google Calendar a few years ago, but this time the update is going to be slightly changed, obviously. This time, the clock icon will need a shorter interval, and it seems that the tech giant has finally found a way to include it.

When Are We Going to Get It?

From what it seems, the new feature will be implemented starting with version 25.0 of the Action Launcher, which has already been released. Besides, the animated clock is going to be available as a separate widget too, in case you want to use it like that.

However, an animated clock is not such a new feature when it comes to mobile world. The feature has also been present on the first versions of the iOS made by Apple. Even so, it seems that Google took a couple extra years to bring it to the Android.

Truth be told, it’s not that an important of a feature, but it is useful when it comes to beauty and consistency within the Android phones. Even more so, this feature will soon be implemented in third party clock apps too, so no wonder fans are curious about it. Let’s hope that most of the current launchers will include the feature. You can find the Action Launcher anytime on the Google Play Store if you want to test it out.

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