WildStar’s Strain Patch “Infects” Players, Live Today

WildStar’s Strain Patch has been awaited for quite a while, and now it has went live! Read below for some more awesome details!

For fans eagerly awaiting the first major patch for Carbine Studios’ WildStar, your wait ends here. Although the developers had chosen to remain pretty quiet on what this update would entail for players, the cat is officially out of the bag.

Strain, the name for this major patch, is a virulent biological anomaly that has started to spread across Nexus, the planet where WildStar takes place. This quirky virus has the power to change all lifeforms into rather terrifying abominations of what they once were, and is an extreme threat to Nexus a whole.

It’s only a matter of time before the virus destroys the life on Nexus and elsewhere! It’s unknown who created the virus and why, but that’s for the player to find out.

Aside from the impending doom upon Nexus, this patch also comes with a new battlefield for players. Blighthaven is home to many Strain creatures, and the “Globelium,” which is perhaps the strangest of all these monstrosities.

For player’s to conquer this new arena, you must be prepared with the right mingset, and plenty of ammunition. Max level players need not worry about content in this update, because Carbine Studios has made sure to cater to you as well.

The Northern Wastes may be the prime spot that both factions wish to gain control of, but its up to you to fight the good fight. With new enemies, missions, and loot, even the most dedicated of WildStar players can keep themselves entertained.

For all the details on this patch update, as well as relevant videos, you can check out the official notice on WildStar’s website. Even though the game has only officially been live for less than a month, it’s clear that Carbine Studios is ready to cater to the masses.

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