PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 Latest Software Updates: Here’s What’s New

Sony recently released PS4 firmware 1.7 for its flagship console, bringing a host of new changes and upgrades. Amongst these we find a new share option, the ability to export and save your gameplay videos to USBs, new DualShock 4 options etc. We’ve included a full list of the changes and updates below, so stay tuned.

PS4 users will be prompted to download the software update as soon as they turn on their console. Alternatively, users can download the new firmware from Sony’s website, and install it via portable USB drives.

PS4 firmware 1.70 brings a lot of wanted changes to the system, with many new customization features added. Users can now easily edit gameplay videos by adding special effects and custom soundtracks. Edited videos can now also be exported to USB drives, for easy transfer to your PC/Mac.

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New light bar settings have also been added, allowing you to set the light bar brightness either to Bright, Medium or Dim according to your preferences. Here’s a full list the changes in the new firmware (click on it for full resolution)

ps3 ps4 software updates

The company has also rolled out a firmware update for the PS3: PS3 firmware 4.60. Sony says the PS3 update also improves software stability during use of the system’s various functions.

Sony still has to release some of the functions it promised the PS4 would do at launch. For example, Sony said that PS4 gamers would be able to put their console in sleep mode while playing a game, but we still haven’t received any news of such a feature being released for the console.

​Another feature still not released is the much-anticipated “friend take-over” mode, in which a friend can help you in your game virtually over the internet.

Reportedly, the next big feature coming to the PS4 is backwards compatibility. That will arrive via the PlayStation Now streaming service, which is currently in beta, and will launch into open beta for the PS4 on July 31st.

We’ll let you if any major changes are released for the PS4 through future software updates, so stay tuned.

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