Madden NFL 15 Gets Released this August for PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360

Fans of the Madden franchise are surely in for a treat with the newest iteration, Madden 15. Developer EA Sports assured its fans that this new game would have added details and fluid movements of all characters in the game.

These in-game players have extremely realistic faces and facial movements, adding an additional realistic dynamic to the game. The newest installment in this best-selling sports franchise is set to release on August 26th in North America, and August 29th in Europe.

Along with the release announcement, EA has worked to announce and clarify other new features in the coming game. Players now have more control when they are playing defensively. Regardless of which part of the field your camera is focused on, new controls ensure that you can guard the entire field at once.

With new Player Sense 2.0, Madden NFL 15 proves to be the “smartest” Madden thus far. Game developers worked for over a year to enhance various aspects of the game, like player emotion, reach tackles, contextual awareness, and other tidbits.

This technology also increases the decision-making skills in the game’s AI. Computer controlled opponents can analyze different options to see which one suits them best before acting. Perhaps the game is all the more difficult when playing by yourself as opposed to with friends or online opponents.

The team at EA Sports also decided to embrace the graphical abilities of the newest generation of consoles. While Madden NFL 25, the last entry into the series, was considered to have already improved these aesthetic details immensly, Madden NFL 15 looks to trump even that.

By tweaking the exposure system and settings, the lighting within the game is more realistic and appealing to the eye. With different themes such as ambient lighting and night lighting, you can play at any “time” of the day. All characters naturally reflect light as a normal player would, allowing them to really pop on the field.

With other small improvements such as realistic sweat glands, tattoos, and “infinite grass,” this Madden proves to be the most realistic football video game to date. Madden NFL 15 will hit shelves on August 26th in North America, for the PS4, Xbox One, PS3, and Xbox 360 consoles.

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