Revamped Second Life Makes its Way to Oculus Rift

Second Life started as the premiere online virtual world in 2003. Although it began to disappear from sponsors and brands by 2006 or so, it’s far from a dead horse. With a brand new chief executive in power at developer Linden Lab, Second Life has a modern day game plan.

This includes launching an entirely new version of Second Life tailored to work on the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset.

CEO Ebbe Altberg confided in the new project to TheNextWeb, saying “with technology, market interest, hardware and software available, now is the time to give it another big shot.” With such ambitious goals, the development team at Linden Lab has hired almost fifty new employees to create this new game.

The controversy comes with Altberg stating that the development team is not worried about “backwards compatibility.” This is bound to upset many dedicated users who have played Second Life for years, as it’s not clear if their items can migrate across.

The game is currently in an extremely early version. The development team is trying to optimize how a user would control their character since they are unable to see any peripheral computer devices like a mouse or keyboard. After Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerburg acquired the Oculus Rift for two billion dollars, Linden Lab predicts that the device will go beyond gaming.

As Second Life just hit its eleventh anniversary, it’s clear that Linden Lab is trying to reinvent their brand. After years of criticism for failing to reach its potential, they’re trying to fix that with this new iteration of Second Life. Despite some thinking that Second Life was a failure as of late, they maintain that their service is as strong as ever. Almost $4 billion has passed through its marketplace, and they receive and annual revenue of $75 million

A beta version of the new Second Life is expected for a release in 2015, with the final product in 2016.

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