Rovio and 5 Ants launch Tiny Thief for Android and iOS

Rovio in association with 5 Ants has now launched a new adventure puzzle game for mobile devices. It is called Tiny Thief and is now available for Android as well as iOS. This game is a part of the Rovio Star Collection which is Rovio’s new unit to publish third-party mobile games.

The game is about a tiny thief looking for precious trinkets and treasures, at the same time escaping enemies who try and catch the thief. It also has a bit of interesting story thrown into the mix as the thief eventually as to save a princess and an entire kingdom from peril. It based on a medieval theme and features beautiful minimalistic animations.

It includes six main levels each based on a different animated theme. These include pirate ship, bakery, circus, candy shop and others. It has a point-and-click based interactive gameplay.

Tiny Thief is already available on Android as well as iOS platforms, on the former is priced at Rs. 210 on the Play Store while for iOS is costs about Rs. 180 on the App Store.

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