Goat Simulator to be Sold in US, Canada Stores by New Distributor

What people may have initially taken as an April Fool’s joke has become one of the best selling games on Steam. Goat Simulator hit the Steam marketplace on April 1st, and it’s been a hit ever since. Deep Silver has just announced that they have acquired the rights to distribute the game for PC platforms in North America.

This may sound like a familiar headline to some of you, as Goat Simulator was already on store shelves in the UK. However, this is great news for North American goat fanatics and simulator junkies. Participating retailers will begin carrying Goat Simulator in mid-July. The best news is that the boxed copy will also launch at $9.99, just like the original Steam edition.

In their official press release, Deep Silver confirmed the announcement. This physical copy will ship with all the content from patch 1.1. This includes new and additional goats, the ability to ride a skateboard and bike, and all new map and four-player local split-screen multiplayer. All new game modes include Capture the Flag, Ragdoll Hockey, and Racing Mode.

This game has always prized itself on being the true definition of a sandbox game. Your main character might suffer what would seem to be immense physical damage, but worry not. Your goat will never die, no matter how dramatic your stunts get. In fact, these thrilling stunts are even encouraged with the help of an exaggerated physics engine and hilarious bugs and glitches.

Although the game has become a bit of a cult hit ever since it’s tease as an alpha game was released on YouTube, critics haven’t enjoyed it nearly as much. Developer Coffee Stain Studios doesn’t take itself too seriously though, with such a slapstick game. In their most recent hotfix patch on steam, they listed “Shrek is love, Shrek is life” amongst its various bug fixes. Regardless of what critics and players may say of the game, Coffee Stain Studios has created an internet phenomenon with Goat Simulator.

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