YouTube Android App Gets Improved Video Quality, Reply to Comments and More

YouTube is a name that needs no introduction and it has already become the world’s most visited website when it comes to online music and video. And if you have an Android smartphone or tablet, then chances are the YouTube app came preloaded already.

First of all, the updated Android app has brought the YouTube Mix feature which brings automatic playlists for music videos. This is extremely useful when you are listening the song of a favorite band, with the update, you will get related songs, which usually come from the same band or from the same genre.

Also, the video quality for Android 4.2 and above has been improved, and videos now look better. Also, when loading a HQ video, if you’re on a good connection, you will see the change taking place faster from a lower quality stream.

One of the most requested features, the ability to reply to comments has been added and it’s weird why it had to take such a while until it has been deployed. Also, you can now delete your own comment, if you realized you are not too proud with what you said.

Also, you can see if a comment was shared privately or publicly, but we’re not sure whether this is affecting your own comments or those of other users.

From your Android smartphone or tablet, you can now share and like playlists and there have been made change to how they look, as well. You will now find your liked and personal playlists appear in the left-hand guide drawer.

These are all much needed features and make sure that you get the latest version to enjoy them.

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