February 2015 – Release Date for Batman: Arkham Knight on Xbox One, PC and PS4?

Batman: Arkham Knight is in my opinion, one of the most awaited games of this year, probably in the top 5, but it has been delayed so many times, like many other popular games, that it’s hard to see whether it’s a 2014 or a 2014 game.

However, it seems that someone at Microsoft might have spilled the beans as a US Microsoft Store listing said that the game will be released on February 24th in the US. Since then, the page has been updated and the information was retracted, but you can see it in the above screenshot.

So, is this just a mistake or this is a leak that we should treat with all seriousness. I am one of the most avid Batman fans in the world and I am looking to this release more than anyone else. I am looking to pre-order the game for my PS4, so when a release date will be fixed, it will be possible to place a pre-order for your PS4 or Xbox One.

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At E3, it was announced that this is going to be one of the best looking titles ever, as it will bring the super cool feature of a drivable Batmobile, and a new Gotham City which will look better than ever.

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment previously said that the game was slated to launch in fall this year on Windows PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but a recent trailer made it pretty clear that it will be delayed until 2015. The February release date makes sense if we take into account what Kevin Conroy, the voice of Batman in the game, said:

“I have a massive game you may have heard of called Arkham Knight. It was supposed to come out in January, we’ve been working on it for a year and a half, it’s still not done. So it’s going to come out next January, but I know everyone is frustrated. The reason it’s been delayed is because it’s so awesome.”

Besides the drivable Batmobile, the new Gotham City, Batman: Arkham Knight will also bring up a new villain for Batman but Scarecrow, Penguin, Harley Quinn and other already familiar characters will also be there.

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