Release Date for Sims 4 on PC and Mac is Made Official and FINAL by EA

Millions of users across the entire world are looking forward to the fourth installment of the uber-popular life-simulating game Sims 4. The game has actually been announced more than a year ago by Electronics Arts, in May 2013, but only at the E3 gaming convention has the company revealed the release date.

EA Games has finally confirmed The Sims 4 release date and the game will be arriving on September 2 for PC and Mac users. There aren’t too many popular games that consider Mac on their first release, so it’s a big deal for Apple users. Sims 4 will contain major gameplay tweaks and new important features like Create A Sim, Build Mode and many others. EA said:sims 4 price release date

“In the Sims 4 for the first time, you control their hearts. You’ll be able to “influence their emotions and how they behave with other Sims. This is a deep simulation where every Sims has their own story and they are all connected. What you do with one sim will affect the lives of others within your neighborhood, as the “personality drives behavior creating richer stories”.

EA also added that Sims can even be inserted straight into the game, mid-session, which will add another layer of story creation to the game and will make it even more exciting that it was already. From the features that we already know, it’s now obvious that The Sims 4 promises will be the most complete social life simulation from the series, if not from all games ever made, with great graphics and awesome new features.

There are said to be over 50 Sims, with “smarter” feelings and very strong personalities, which will make them more reactive to the surrounding environment. Sims 4 will also come with a game editor which will allow to edit the Sims and the houses where they live in. The game is currently available for pre-order on Amazon for a price of $60.

Update – an official release date for Mac users hasn’t yet been specified.

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