Quake III for Nexus One [Video]

I feel very bad that the Google Nexus One did not turn out to be a very popular device as I had expected. All the 3G connectivity issues were a big problem but other than that the device is a simply brilliant piece. It has the capability to achieve a lot and I think that Google is going to a lot better with the next phone in the Nexus series. (if there is one).

Many of us have played the Quake III and it is still a very popular game amongst some. We know that this game was successfully ported on a Motorola Droid and now even the Google Nexus One is capable of running the game. There is no doubt that Android is a very powerful kit and a lot of things are possible over it.  This first person shooter looks brilliant on the Nexus One and it plays much better than I had expected.

Sad to say but the game client is not yet officially available for the Nexus One and you would need some help to set it up on your phone. But, this surely means that very soon we may see more of such amazing developments and later they will be easily available for all user.

Source: CrunchGear.

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