MacBook Pro 2016 Release Date and Price Rumors


MacBook Pro 2016

The most anticipated laptop of 2016, MacBook Pro will presumably be presented at the next at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference which is scheduled for this summer.

There are many rumors surrounding the device and its release, and one thing that is contributing to them is the fact that the 2015 MacBook Pro just got a discount. Initially it was priced at 1,299 dollars, but now it’s around 1.199 dollars on Best Buy. This also happened to MacBook Air (256GB ) which is now worth 799 dollars as opposed to its initial price of 999 dollars and to many other MacBook devices.

This may indicate an imminent launch of the new version because the stores are probably clearing up the space to stack it with new products. Given Apple’s release pattern, its users expect it to release MacBook Pro 2016 on the 13th of June when the WWDC starts.

What will the MacBook Pro 2016 offer?

It is rumored that the new MacBook Pro will have two variants: a 13 inch one and a 15 inch one, plus a Rose Gold color option. It might also be thinner and lighter than the Air model which might make the latter one undesirable for buyers.

MacBook Pro 2016 will supposedly run the best and latest Intel Skylake processor which equals enhanced performance and more battery life. Another GPU that is rumored to be implemented into the device is the AMD Polaris 11.

Other awesome features users expect of the new device are: faster flash storage, ingenious connectivity options. The most unlikely features that the device is rumored to get are the following: Touch ID and Touchscreen display.

The Touch ID technology should be added to MacBook Pro 2016 for better security and we already have an efficient Touchscreen display on the iPad Pro.

MacBook Pro 2016 Price Rumors

The device might be priced at 1,299 dollars, but this is just a presumption based on the current price of the last MacBook Pro.

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