Huawei Mate 9 Latest Rumors – What Should We Expect?

Huawei Mate 9

After Huawei Mate 8, it’s time for us to prepare for the new Mate 9. The first model, Mate 8, has a fantastic battery life, paired with an incredible processor performance, given the fact that they used their own Kirin technology for processors. This technology is quite performant, comparable with the Exynos (owned by Samsung) and Snapdragon from Qualcomm.

Taking up from the P9, rumor has it that Huawei will make the next step in the direction of the Mate Series, which means we will be enjoying a new Mate 9 soon. However, some object to this, since the Mate 8 has only been out on the market for only a few months. There are some interesting features rumored to belong to the next Huawei though.

The processor seems especially impressive, the Kirin 960 being an octa-core one. Supposedly, it will be using an ARM Artemis architecture.

Although they did not release more official information regarding the release of the Mate 9, apparently we still know something about the camera setup. Given the latest trends and the info about the iPhones, the LG G5 and so on, it wouldn’t be surprising to find out that it will come together with a dual-sensor.

Various sources claim that it will have 2 20 MP sensors on its rear, which is totally a progress from the 12 MP available on the P9. What we don’t know though, is whether it will follow the P9 model when it comes to using Leica technology and branding.

It remains to be seen whether Huawei will release so soon the next model, or if they are planning to wait a little bit longer and let the Mate P8 get its share of fame. Also, it will be interesting to see whether the rumors will be confirmed or not.

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