Clash of Clans Update Brings Faster Training And Regeneration Times for Heroes and Troops

Clash of Clans Update

The Clash of Clans May Update has been announced by Supercell and it seems that it will bring a few changes to the game, which will make many fans very happy. However, developers have focused only on increasing training and regeneration times.

The guys from Supercell said that they want to see the players battling with full and well-balanced armies, much more often than before. This is the reason why the training and regeneration times for Heroes and Troops have been heavily reduced.

The Clash of Clans May Update includes the following reduced training times:

– Dragon – 2 times faster
– Witch – 2 times faster
– Golem – 3 times faster
–  Lava Hound – 3 times faster
– P.E.K.K.A – 3 times faster
– Wall Breaker – 2 times faster
– As for Bowler, Wizard, Healer, Valkyrie, we’re not sure yet how much the developers have reduced the training times, but it seems that these troops will also receive a training time reduction.

At the same time, the Spells will “load” 2 times faster than before, and the Bowler troop will have a faster attack speed in order to catch up with other troops. The timeout between matchmaking searches has seen increased from 5 to 30 minutes, as many of the players that have high trophy have reported that they are waiting longer than 5 minutes and the queue just stops and they have to re-queue.

We’re pretty sure that many Clash of Clans gamers will enjoy this new update. First of all, they will not have to wait too much between raids, which is awesome, as it is quite boring to wait for 30 minutes for some troops to train. We think Supercell made a good move with this new update and it will actually make some of the gamers who have left this game to play it once again.

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