Discovered Bug Damaging Google Chrome Without Your Acknowledgement

A web developer named Ran Bar-Zik claimed that he located a bug which takes over the websites through your web browser Google Chrome and allows them to record audio and also video without you even knowing. Even if it sounds bad is not exactly like that. Some websites still need the user’s permission to access audio and video but there are cases when the website could be hacked and you wouldn not even realize it.

What gave it away was the red circle and dot icon introduced by Chrome. He came across the bug while being on a website that operates a WebRTC code.

WebRTC is a way for streaming audio and video content on the Internet. To do that, a user must give his permission to the website. When received, it runs a JavaScript code which can record audio or video content and then sends it to other users of the WebRTC stream.


The code that does the recording does not need the permission from the user. You can easily open a new Chrome window also known as popup, while operating the code to record audio and video. The icon is nowhere to be found and this way you are not able to see the red circle which indicates that an issue like this is taking place.

Google does not lift a finger for fixing the issue

After reported the problem to Google, Bar-Zik did receive a response, claiming that the company is not considering this bug a security issue.

The red circle and dot icon only works on the computer when we have Chrome UI free space, being unable to prevent you on a mobile phone so all we can do right now is identify the issue on our own and maybe later even remedy it.

You should be very careful though, because like Bar-Zik said, the real attacks won’t be that obvious.

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