Best Solitaire Tips and Tricks – Quick Guide to Join the Fun


It’s never fun when you’re not part of the party, and when it comes to Solitaire, it’s one big part indeed. If you didn’t play Solitaire until now, you must’ve surely been surrounded by people that are either playing Solitaire constantly or at least used to play it on their first computers. Regardless of which case applies in your case, you’ve surely heard the classic “What? You’ve never played Solitaire?”.

It’s time for that to end and we’re providing you with a great guide that will teach you the basics of Solitaire. The game isn’t that complicated to understand so our job is pretty easy. The only thing left now is for you to read the rest of this article then get started playing one of the most popular games in the world.

What the game is about

Before you get started with learning Solitaire you need to know what the game is actually about. In Solitaire, the objective is to compile for complete card groups, each pertaining to a separate suit. The groups have to be in ascending order starting with Ace and ending with the King.

Arranging your cards

At the start of a game you will have both faces up and face down cards. Only rearrange the ones face up and if you have any Aces among them take them and place them in the slots above the card groups. You need to look to place cards in numeric order but arrange them so the card above the one you are just rearranging is higher in number by just 1, and is of a different color. You need to keep doing this until you are no longer able to. Your 4 card groups should continue to alternate in color from one card to the next, and be in numeric order from highest to lowest when you look at it from top to bottom.

The first card is always face up

As you move cards around, some piles might end up having a face-down card on top. Make sure to turn it so that every pile has a face-up card on top at all times. As you continue to move, also turn the new card over.

Keep an eye on those Aces

Moving your Aces above the card piles wasn’t random. Make sure to keep an eye on them and when you have all 4 Aces to start building your piles starting from Ace to King. Make sure to hold off on this step until you have the corresponding Ace for each pile, so that you may start with the base of the pile. If you haven’t reached this step before running out of pile cards to turn over or make moves, make sure to use the reverse deck to get more cards.

That’s about it. It looks super simple but it’s going to take a bit of practice before you can easily make your way from start to finish. After that you can start thinking about getting to the finish line as quick as possible for more of a challenge. If you don’t spend a lot of time at your desk or computer, you can take Solitaire with you on your phone. MobilityWare has made it Solitaire available for Android and iOS devices for more portability and convenience.

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