Marbel is the world’s lightest electric Skateboard

If you are looking for a new electric skateboard, then Marbel might be worth investigating. This new electric skateboard claims to be the world’s lightest electric skateboard to date. Not only that but it also comes with some nifty features.

The Marbel electric skateboard has been designed by a company which is based in Tampa, Florida and goes by the same name. This board is capable of propelling riders at up to 20 mph with a range of over 10 miles.

This board weighs in at just 9.9lbs and it comes with its own smartphone companion application which enables users to control and customize their skateboard setting on-the-fly to meet their exact requirements.

Marbel Board Smartphone App

This is what the creators of the board have to say;

“Whether it is commuting to work, getting to the subway or bus stop, running errands, or trying to just get across a college campus, short trips and urban travel have always been frustrating. In a car we deal with traffic, parking, and of course rising fuel costs. On a bicycle, we work up a sweat and then have to find a safe place to lock up.

We felt there had to be a better way to handle these short trips. Our goal at Marbel was to build the lightest electric vehicle in the world but also create an amazing user experience. We have spent the last 2 years dedicated to engineering and designing our Marbel Electric Skateboard… the lightest electric skateboard in the world. With an amazing team, modern technologies, and support from our community we built the Marbel Board to be simple to use, efficient, and exhilarating to ride.”

This project is currently up on crown-funding platform Kickstarter looking to raise enough pledges to make this concept come to life and capable of production.

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