Samsung Galaxy S8 is Not as Perfect as You Might Think

The South Korean tech giant has recently unveiled its Galaxy S8 flagship smartphone. The entire tech community is enthusiast about this and retailers have been flooded with pre-orders. In fact, Samsung is actually having troubles meeting up the demand. Nonetheless, this makes it look like Galaxy S8 is an all-round great smartphone. However, this is not the case because Galaxy S8 does ship with its fair share of flaws.

Today we’re going to take a look at the bad feedback Galaxy S8 owners have been sending out. This way, interested customers will be able to know exactly what they are getting into when they pre-order the smartphone. In addition, we need to disclose the fact that Galaxy S8 wasn’t marketed as being the “perfect” smartphone, just that the expectation bar was set high.

Fingerprint Sensor Placement

Hands down, the most annoying thing about Galaxy S8 is its bad fingerprint sensor location. In order to be able to install the innovative Infinity display, Samsung had to compromise on some traditional Galaxy S series trade mark design features such as the physical home button. While many expected Samsung to embed the sensor beneath the display, Samsung decided to place it right next to the rear camera.

The position is rather awkward especially in comparison with other flagship smartphones, but the worst thing about it is that it causes Galaxy S8 owners to smudge their camera lenses. However, we need to point out the fact that the sensor placement has allowed Samsung to equip the smartphone with a large battery.

Missing Bixby

One of the most important factors in Galaxy S8’s marketing campaign was the fact that Samsung has finally developed Its own personal assistant, Bixby. However, now that Galaxy S8 is out people are shocked to see that Bixby is nowhere to be found. The South Korean tech giant has announced that Bixby is going to become available during the upcoming months and that it still needed to be optimized. We should mention that the only reason why Bixby is considered as being an essential feature is because it brings Bixby Vision. This feature is able of searching for real-life objects by using the main camera sensor.

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