Nexus 5X Will Receive Free Bootloop Repairs from LG

LG is one of the most recognizable brands that Google has collaborated with in the past years. The two companies worked together and created Nexus 5X. The 5.2 inch smartphone is an all around great mid-ranged budget device. However, Nexus 5X has its fair share of problems such as the bootloop issue. Fortunately, LG has recently announced that it will take responsibility for the bootloop malfunction which means that it will repair all affected Nexus 5X devices for free.

Bootloop Mode

For some yet known reasons, a large number of Nexus 5X smartphones randomly go into a bootloop mode which renders them useless. The problem caused a large controversy in the Nexus 5X community since neither Google nor LG took responsibility. Both tech giants blamed each other and Nexus 5X owners were left with a broken smartphone.

Nexus 5X Free Repairs

As previously mentioned LG decided to prove once again that it cares about its customers and took responsibility over this issue. The South Korean tech manufacturer announced that all bootloop affected Nexus 5X smartphones which were manufactured in North Korea will be receiving free repairs. Additionally, this service will surely arrive in North America, Europe and Asia as well in the future. The only downside is that we don’t know when that will happen.

LG has announced that there are two main issues which send Nexus 5X into the dreaded bootloop mode. The South Korean tech giant didn’t unveil which are the two issues that are causing this. The reason behind this is that LG is not yet entirely sure if there isn’t a third hardware issue.

Customers First

We should mention that ever since LG departed ways with Google it has done its best in order to ensure its customers of premium product quality. In fact, during MWC LG stressed out the fact that it puts a high price on customer satisfaction and that all of its products are packed with high-end hardware. Even better, LG also announced during MWC that it will never stop from enhancing its internal mobile architecture in the search for the perfect smartphone.

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