iPad Pro 2 vs Surface Pro 5 – Which One is your Cup of Tea?

The entire tech world is highly enthusiastic about Microsoft and Apple’s upcoming hybrid devices. Microsoft is expected to introduce Surface Pro 5 while rumor has it that Apple is already adding the finishing touches to iPad Pro 2. Both devices fit in the same hybrid category which means that they are tablets which are more than capable of replacing a laptop at any given day.

Surface Pro 5

Considering the fact that Surface Pro 4 was the device which helped Microsoft reached one billion in profits last year, it’s safe to say that Surface Pro 5 is already on the way. According to rumors and speculations, Microsoft is going to equip Surface Pro 5 with the best hardware parts that are available on the market such as Intel’s latest Kaby Lake architecture.

In addition, Microsoft’s highly anticipated hybrid device is also said to feature a 4K display. If this proves to be true it will give Surface Pro 5 a huge advance over its competition since it will be able to display impressive viewing experiences. Last but not least, Surface Pro 5 will surely be equipped with an USB Type-C port.

iPad Pro 2

Just like Microsoft, Apple is expected to equip iPad Pro 2 only with impressive hardware specs. The difference is that Apple enjoys taking matters into its own hands when it comes to hardware power and that’s why iPad Pro 2 will be powered by Apple’s latest A10X processor. What’s interesting is that Apple is rumored to introduce three size models of iPad Pro 2 instead of the traditional two. With that being said, iPad Pro 2 will be available in the 9.7 inch, 10.5 inch and 12.9 inch size variants.

In order to stay up on par with Surface Pro 5, iPad Pro will surely also feature a 4K display. However, Apple will definitely decide to use TrueTone technology which will make reading experiences so much more immersive than they already are. The reason we are saying this is because TrueTone calibrates the display’s brightness in order to fit the user’s surroundings.

One thought on “iPad Pro 2 vs Surface Pro 5 – Which One is your Cup of Tea?”

  1. surface all day. full pc, no longer need a laptop, plus a solid tablet experience. one click of the pen and i’m jotting down a note. two clicks and l’m marking up a screenshot. Local file system, plenty of space. Screen at ANY angle. Backlit keyboard. Plug it into my surface dock and I’m instantly a workstation with 3 screens, mouse, USB hard drive, etc. I mean seriously, come on, there is no comparison here.

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