Facebook Home crosses 500,000 installations through Google Play

Facebook Home has recently crossed over 500,000 installations via the Google Play Store. This milestone was noticed by analyst Benedict Evans. This is a Facebook centric launcher app for select Android devices.

Facebook Home was first released to the users in the US on April 12, it later rolled out to international users on April 16. The 500,000 mark is a humble figure considering the 1 billion active users of the social network. Amongst the 500,000 many must have installed the applications simply to experience the Facebook centric launcher.

However, Facebook Home is only available on select Android devices at the moment. Facebook did say that it will be available for other smartphones but it did not reveal any details on such an expansion.

With a two (2.2) star rating on the Google Play Store it seems that not many people, who used this app, liked it so much. Many comments there suggest that it is not mighty impressive but a good launcher for those who are always connected to Facebook.


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