Apple iPad 2 Now Available in India, and 11 Other Countries

There was quite a lot of buzz about the iPad 2’s official launch in the Indian market. The guys over at OnlyGizmos had apparently already mentioned that the Apple iPad 2 may launch in India somewhere around this time and it turns out to be right.

Apple has finally announced that the iPad 2 is now available in 12 more countries, in which India is included and the iPad 2 will be available in stores starting today. Apart from India, the iPad 2 will also be available in Japan, Hong Kong, Israel, Korea, Malaysia, Macau, Singapore, Philippines, South Africa, UAE and Turkey. While the Wi-Fi only model of the iPad 2 will be available in China from the 6th of May.

The guys have also revealed the price and the iPad 2 Wi-Fi only model starts shipping at Rs. 29,500 for 16GB, Rs. 34,500 for 32GB and Rs. 39,500 for 64GB. The Wi-Fi + 3G model will start ship at Rs. 36,900 for 16GB, Rs. 41,900 for 32GB and Rs. 46,900 for 64GB. The pricing seems to be slightly on the higher side compared to the pricing of Android tablet from other manufacturers. However, it really feels great to have the iPad 2 officially available in India.

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