Technology: Is it squeezing the fun out of everyday living?

Quite frankly, I didn’t have much to spoof-review this week, so I said asked myself, what is it about technology, that really sucks the fun out life? Has tech really made us lazy? Has tech taken over all the high functioning and thinking that previously only humans were capable of? Is Judgement Day (From the Terminator series really upon us? Or maybe, I’m being too dramatic! But a thought to consider is, isn’t tech really squeezing out of everyday living! These are a few ways how!!

It all started with apps and soon the humans were hankering for hand jobs from freakish machines like these!!

Online Dating: Listen you fat slob, it is a date only if you get your ass and take her out!! Not if you are sitting in front of your computer screen, diddling yourself off to random ‘girl’ profiles!!

Apps for everything: From news to directions, our smart phones have liberated us from the ‘trouble’ of speaking to other human beings ergo, no contact, no interaction whatsoever!! Coming soon, an app that’ll have sex on your behalf (like the Sandra Bullock-Sylvester Stallone scene in Demolition Man!)

Sandra Bullock: Would you really want the act of fornication to involve body fluids? Sylvester Stallone: Ideally, what you got an app for that too!!

Smart phones: A mere five years ago, the average IQ of a phone was less than that of a foetus, now even Stephen Hawking’s can’t compare to that of a ‘smartphone’, machines are making us stupider…the end is near!! Think about it, if we’re so reliant on machines to do everything for us…what if they refuse? What if one day, they just say, “we’ll do it, if you put us in charge!!” That happens, and humanity is f****d!

I know lugging him around would be a lot more difficult, but he’s got a cool roboto voice and is way brighter than the Samsung Galaxy Beam šŸ˜‰

So code writers, appĀ developers, gadget makers, gadget freaks and users, addicts…wean yourselves away, lest suckling at the teat of technology gets you so hooked, that on the day of us versus them (the machines) you choose them…

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