Sony Getting Ready to Roll Out PS4 4.50 Firmware Update

Sony has been quite active as of late when it comes to PS4 updates. The Japanese tech giant recently opened up the beta for PS4 firmware 4.50 update on February 3. Now it looks like Sony is getting ready to launch the public version of the update because it just reached the final phase of the beta testing. This means that Sony will launch the update in the upcoming days.

Sony Getting Ready To Launch PS4 4.50 Update

Rumor has it that Sony wants to launch the major update today (March 7th). That’s not all, PS VR will also receive its 2.40 firmware update in the upcoming days as well. These rumors might be true since they were started by a PlayStation Support representative in a Reddit post. Sony has yet to announce the official roll out date though. Taking in consideration the fact that all of Sony’s updates have stayed just one month in beta, we can expect that this firmware update will be launched really soon.

The reason why everyone is highly anticipating this update to arrive is because it’s going to be one of the largest PS4 updates in a while. After updating the firmware, PS4 owners will finally be able to use external hard drives on their gaming systems. Even better, PS VR will start supporting 3D Blu-Ray.

The fact that PS4 owners will be able to connect their external hard drives will enhance the entire PS4 user experience significantly. This way, PS4 owners will be able to store all the games and content they want without being required to delete games whenever they might want to install a new one.

Regarding user experience, the firmware update is also going to alter PS4’s user interface. The biggest change players will be able to see is in the notifications panel. The notifications tab will now roll uploads, downloads, notifications and even game pop-ups in one single tab. This will clear up PS4’s interface and make it look smoother. Nonetheless, if the update doesn’t arrive today it will more than likely drop during the upcoming days. It may even be rolled out in the weekend, so that everyone has access to their PS4 and update it.

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