PS4 Pro Available with 4K Video Files and New Improvements

The PlayStation 4 Pro console has been released almost 5 months ago. It seems that this console is now finally able to playback 4K video files on the Media Player App, which will surely please all owners of the PS4 Pro.

It seems that Sony had to update the PS4’s built-in Media Player app in order to bring this new feature. The company has made this announced via its official blog website, where it has confirmed that the PS4 Pro owners that have a 4K TV are now able to play 4K-resolution MP4 files (not MKV or other formats) via the Media Player App.

The videos can be played directly from the console, an USB stick or it can even be streamed from a home server. This new feature will bring once again the PlayStation 4 one step ahead of the Xbox One S. We have to mention that the Xbox One S is able to play 4K videos that are encoded with the new H.265 format, but it will not be able to play 4K videos that are coded via H.264 standard.

However, let’s back to the PlayStation 4 Pro and the new feature that it has received. We have to mention that the Media Player Application will only read videos from a USB storage only if the external device has not been formatted as additional storage for the PS4 Pro.

We remind you that Sony has added USB external storage support with the 4.50 firmware update that has been released almost three weeks ago. This feature requires formatting the hard drive specifically for use with the PlayStation 4 console. So, if you are using an external hard drive as an expansion of the PS4’s internal storage, the USB drive can only be used to save games and apps and it can’t be used to play or save videos.

It’s not sure yet if the Media Player update will be able to support HDR content in addition to the 4K, but we’re sure that Sony will come with these details in the near future.

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