Nexus 6 Receives March Security Patch Again

The internet is filled with hackers and malware developers who are always looking for ways to infect Google’s Android operating system. Fortunately, Google has the perfect solution to combat this. The Android parent keeps on rolling out a constant stream of monthly security bulletins that take care of any threats or vulnerabilities that managed to slip through the cracks.

March Security Patch Affects Nexus 6

Now that March is here Nexus and Pixel smartphones have already received this month’s security bulletin. While this might always be great news for everyone, this time it isn’t. It looks like Google somehow overlooked one major bug that affects Nexus 6 smartphones and disables the Android Pay feature. Both Reddit and Google’s Product Forum have been filled with threads regarding this issue and Google was forced to stop rolling out the update.

Google Stops Rolling Out March Security Patch for Nexus 6

Seeing the amount of Nexus 6 owners that have been complaining about this issue, it was to be expected from Google to pull this update. The Android parent is known for putting a high price on security and it more than surely stopped rolling out the update so that it’s able to fix it.

March Security Patch Live Again

Fortunately, the Android parent didn’t waste any time and has already made the factory images available for download. Although Google has modified March’s security patch, it still comes under the “N6F26U” build number. We don’t know for sure if the problem has been fixed but we advise Nexus 6 owners to download the factory images and install it right now. Even though Google hasn’t confirmed it, it is highly likely that Google has patched the bug. It remains to see if Google has managed to squash this issue.

Nexus 6 Doesn’t Pass the SafetyNet Test

The reason why Nexus 6 owners weren’t able to get access to Android Pay is because the smartphone was no longer able to pass the SafetyNet test. Google is the one that developed this test and the purpose it serves is that it checks if the designated smartphone is secure enough to perform mobile banking and payments.

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