iPad Pro 2, iPad Mini 5 to Arrive in April 2017


Tech-heads can’t wait any longer for for Apple to give some information (specifications design, features and so on) about their soon to be released iPad Mini 5 – also known as iPad Pro Mini –  or iPad Pro 2.

There’s a chance that Apple owners could see the the iPad Pro 2 or iPad Mini 5 in the future event. According to Apple’s official blog, an Apple event is bound to take place on the 4th of April. The Cupertino based company, for a couple of years now, has been organizing its Spring event in March. The same blog confirm that the release of the iPad is the next Spring event for Apple.

Nonetheless, this release does not coincide with the ones of previous years. With the new Apple headquarters, Apple Park, scheduled to inaugurate in April this same year, Apple’s blog suggests that the company will launch its new iPad lineup in the Steve Jobs Theater, located on the new Apple Park campus known as “Spaceship”.

Marty Edwards, the contributing editor of Apple’s blog, claims that there are some iPad deals that are currently available through local carriers, with a discount of $150 and most models are scheduled to end on the 1st of April. Conspicuously, it’s just three days ahead of the launch event fort both iPad Pro 2 and iPad Mini 5.

Despite the fact, Apple World Today does not have too many solid sources to support their claim, there’s no lack of credibility behind Steven Sande’s report, a former editor of TUAW. According to Steven, there aren’t too many 12.9-inch iPad Pro models on Apple’s website, the tablet’s page stating the 4th of April as an availability date.

There are some recent reports that claim the iPad Pro 2 might come along with an magnetic Apple Pencil, CNET reports. Albeit little is known abut the iPad Pro 2 and iPad Mini 5, technojunkies are eager to take a peek of the new improvements. It is said that Apple’s upcoming device is to be powered  by the A9 and M9 motion co-processor.

For the time being, the iPad Mini 5 or iPad Pro Mini or iPad Pro 3 is expected to have new features such as Apple’s 3D Touch technology and IP 68 protection. The iPad Pro 2 is said to be unveiled abreast the latest major point update for iOS 10, the iOS 10.3.

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