HP CEO says WebOS will be on “every HP PC” shipping next year

HP CEO Leo Apothekar, startled the tech community today with his overly dramatic comment that “HP has lost its soul”! Amidst this hoopla, he dropped the all significant bomb that all HP PCs shipping next year, will be running WebOS. WebOS, our readers will remember, is the mobile OS developed by Palm, later acquired by HP.

Interestingly, HP clarified that these its PCs will have the option of running Windows operating systems side by side, while promising a seamless integration experience for the users on these devices.

There’s no hiding the fact that HP has hit some rough weather, with its chief marketing officer resigning earlier this week, crucially just before the launch of its WebOS touting tablet TouchPad. Could this be the move that finally sees an upturn in HP’s fortunes? Only time will tell. What do our readers think?

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