Apple Has Something Big Prepared

While the entire world is talking about Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S8 flagship smartphone, Apple is plotting something big. Taking in consideration the amount of hype is surrounding Galaxy S8, Apple has to step up its game. The Cupertino based tech manufacturer is expected to launch its highly anticipated iPhone 8 in September. The smartphone will be launched on the exact date in which Apple celebrates 10 years since the first iPhone was released therefore we are in for something special.

iPhone 8: Smooth Design

Apple received some flak in the past for using the same “bland” iPhone 6S design on its newer models. This is why the Cupertino based tech giant is expected to completely overhaul iPhone 8’s design. In fact, the device will feature a design that’s quite similar to what we can see on the leaked Galaxy S8 pictures. Meaning that iPhone 8 will ship with an edge to edge display, thin bezels and no home button. Instead of equipping the device with the standard home button, Apple will install a fingerprint sensor beneath its display instead. If this proves to be true, we think it’s safe to say that iPhone 8 will give Galaxy S8 some tough competition.

iPhone 8: AMOLED Panel

Another thing that keeps upsetting Apple fans is the fact that the company still uses LCD panels while Samsung and other companies have already moved on to the better AMOLED ones. The new flagship smartphone will more than likely ship with a technologically advanced AMOLED display. This will not only improve the device’s color representation capabilities, but it will also enhance its battery life time expectancy.

iPhone 8: The First Wireless Smartphone

Rumor has it that Apple is working with a small tech company that specializes in developing wireless charging pads. If Apple does decide to bundle its smartphone with a wireless charging pad it will make iPhone 8 be the first completely wireless smartphone. Additionally, it will finally make sense to why Apple decided to remove the classic 3.5mm audio headphone jack. Nonetheless, September is not that far away and we will soon find out from official channels all of iPhone 8’s features. Until then, all that we can do is wait and speculate.

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