Samsung Gear VR Top Four Mobile Games

There are many tech companies which are offering virtual headsets, but the one that has been having the biggest success is the one made by Sony. What makes Sony’s Gear VR so special is the fact that it doesn’t require a high end PC to function. Unlike Oculus Rift or HTC Vive which can only be used in companion with a powerful PC. Of course Gear VR will not be able to offer the same graphical performances because it runs mobile games. Players will be surprised to find out how great these mobile VR games look though.

The second best thing about Sony Gear VR is that owners have a huge array of VR games to choose from. We have handpicked the four most fun and entertaining games that can be played on Gear VR and we will present them right now.

Land’s End

The game has been developed by the same game creator that produced Monument Valley. Therefore, it features the same impressive graphics. The game will test the player’s intelligence with many complicated puzzles. Although the game’s puzzles are challenging and fun to complete, the best thing about Land’s End is that it features some of the most immersive natural environments.

Minecraft: Gear VR Edition

The most popular game on both PC and console systems has gone VR. We think it’s safe to say that everyone knows about Minecraft. The game managed to get so popular because it allows players to use their creativity. The VR edition offers the same experience as the Pocket Edition. Additionally, the game has the same survival modes like the ones from the Pocket Edition.

Eve Gunjack

What can be more fun than being able to fly through space while fighting other enemy spaceships? Eve Gunjack allows players to do just that. At its core, the game is an arcade shooter and it doesn’t require any special controllers. Worth mentioning is that even though this is a mobile game, the space battles look incredible. Additionally, the game becomes harder as the players progress trough it. Meaning that players will have to strategize before jumping in a battle.

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  1. Sony doesn’t make the Gear VR. It’s made by Samsung. You should probably reconsider your career choice.

  2. i could be wrong, but that “sony” gear vr looks a looooot like this other korean tech company i keep hearing about…

    …you guys should try doing a review on them. maybe. sometime. whenever you get the chance. thanks

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