Nintendo Switch Arrives Ahead of Launch Date

March 3rd is just around the corner and everyone is getting enthusiastic up about this because that’s when Nintendo will be launching its highly anticipated Switch gaming system. Even though Nintendo released a couple of trailers for the console, not all of its features have been showcased. Fortunately for us, a retailer managed to release Switch ahead of its launch date.

Nintendo Switch: Launched Ahead Of Time

This information is coming from “hiphoptherobot” which is a member of the NeoGAF website. The NeoGAF member decided to post a picture of his Nintendo Switch console accompanied by the text “Has this been posted yet?”. The forum was then filled with different users that couldn’t believe “hiphoptherobot” received the console ahead of schedule. In order to prove that he wasn’t lying, the forum member decided to upload a video of Switch’s setup process.

Nintendo Switch: Operating System

The whole gaming community has been speculating about what operating system will the new console use. Thanks to the NeoGAF member, we can finally get a glimpse of it. As previously mentioned, the short video shows us the initial setup process. Additionally, we can see that Nintendo Switch will feature a free storage space of 25.9GB. Even better, the storage space can be expanded via a microSD card up to 2TB. Although this is great, we should mention that 2TB cards are quite hard to find right now. The market will probably be filled with them when Nintendo Switch comes out though.

Nintendo Switch: How Did It Arrive So Soon?

When the NeoGAF member was asked how he was able to get his hands on the console so soon, he simply answered that he got lucky. The device arrived to his home address in a truck that wasn’t branded by any store or delivery service.

Nonetheless, the whole world will receive Nintendo’s highly anticipated gaming console on March 3rd. Additionally now that the device has started arriving early, Nintendo might decide to release all of its features. This way, Nintendo will make sure that the internet won’t be filled with false information about its device and everything will come from official channels.

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