iPad Pro 2017 Series to be Available in May

It’s that time of the year again when Apple announces what devices will be getting a refresh. While it is known that the company’s iPad lines will be getting a refresh, many are speculating that the iMac will also be featured on the refresh list.  As far as the iPads go, users can expect three new variations of the iPad, with displays of 9.7, 10.5 and 12.9 inches respectively, says Digitimes. The release dates of these new iPads are a different matter however, with not much known aside from the fact that the two bigger ones might only drop sometime in May (or possibly June).

Retailers were expecting to see the first quarter of 2017 present two new iPad Pro models with large screens and the smaller 9.7 inch model alongside them, but Apple’s plans seem to have shifted a bit due to the delay of the two bigger models.

There aren’t that many details known about the upcoming devices, but there’s enough information for people to get excited over them. It would seem that the middle-sized tablet will come with a similar composure to the small 9.7 inch model, which is great because it means there will be little to no bezel going on there. Speaking of the 9.7 inch variant, it would seem that it’s slated to come out rocking the A9 processor from Apple. The other two however will feature the A10X processing unit which is a significant increase in power.

Apple hopes that refreshing the hardware setup for the iPad Pro, as well as bringing in some software rejuvenation sometime later will re-awaken people’s interest in the tablet line. Lately, Apple has been finding it difficult to successfully deploy and market iPads so there’s a great deal hanging on this initiative to be successful. More details about the devices will certainly pop up as we get closer to May, and the release countdown timer starts.

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