Canada Brings Back Nexus Cards on a Cheap Deal

Traveling to a different country is always fun, but crossing the border can be quite a hassle. What happens is that the border lanes get filled with traffic and people have to driver bumper to bumper. The reason why this is happening is because border patrols are required to search every car and person that wants to pass the border. With that being said, it’s pretty clear why crossing the border can be time consuming.

The US and Canada have been trying to find a way to make this process faster and more enjoyable for travelers. This is where Nexus cards come in handy. These cards have been designed so that low risk travelers just like you and me are allowed to pass the border between the US and Canada without being searched. There is a special car lane that’s been opened especially for Nexus card owners. This way Nexus enlisted people, can just pass through the border without any problems.

In order to enlist in the Nexus program, citizens are required to pay a fee of $50. Additionally, citizens have to be permanent residents of either Canada or the US. After paying the required sum, the card will arrive in six weeks. The reason why it takes so long is because the officials have to asset if the citizen is a threat or not. Worth mentioning that the card is worth $50 because it is valid for five years.

We are talking about Nexus cards because they have just gotten reinstated by Canada. Ralph Goodale who is the Public Safety Minister has stated that over 200 Canadian permanent residents have received approval for Nexus cards. The cards were cancelled a couple of days ago because of all the immigration issues in the US. Everybody knows about the controversial law passed by Donald Trump which bans citizens from seven Muslim countries to enter the US.

By reinstating the Nexus cards, Canada proved once again that their policy regarding immigration is entirely different from the US. We should note that there are over 1.5 million US and Canadian residents enlisted in the Nexus program. We can be sure that this number will grow in the upcoming future.

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