Must-Have RPGs for Your iOS Device

Role playing games are a popular staple for gamers. There are many different genres of play and different categories available for use and selection. Role playing games (RPGs) are the top chosen. When it comes to iOS devices, such as the iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone, new games in this category are constantly being added. For that reason, if you want to try an RPG for the first time or are a gamer looking for the next best thing, the following explains more about some of the options that you may want to consider in your list of must-have RPGs for an iOS device.



Story is everything in a game and this RPG calle Zenonia is no exception to this rule. Similar to the classic Zelda, this game is about a character taking on missions to avenge his father’s untimely death. In so doing, he must battle through different courses evil minions and monsters to reach the ultimate goal. Not all gore or even glitz, there is a sense of a whimsy and humor in this option. Available for a lower price, this game is a must-have for those who are looking for an entertaining RPG.

Shining Force


For an iPhone, Shining Force is a great RPG game. Combat is the focus of this role playing option. It is not just an RPG alone as puzzles are of focus at many instances which adds another gameplay element to this mobile RPG. Critical thinking is important in this combat game as all actions take place on a grid that requires thought and forethought to navigate through. Fighting an opponent that you will inevitably face along the way is not about brute force and the best weaponry but about strategy and critical thinking. For that reason, this RPG is a must-have for those that seek some variety in the gameplay.

Guardian Saga


Not everyone wants an RPG for their phones which is complicated or overwrought with too many elements to be enjoyed. This is especially true when it comes to new or casual gamers who are just beginning to understand what all these games are all about. For such people, a game like Guardian Saga is a wonderful must-have game in the RPG genre. In this game, the design is not complicated or one that will rival others of a complicated nature available on the iOS platform. The 8-bit graphics are fun and mostly remind one of  RPG games on the famous handheld console – GameBoy Advance. The game ain’t very complicated, it is fun and you mostly have to battle interesting characters to reach your goals.

Symphony of Eternity


If you are looking for an RPG which has a lot of magic the you have Symphony of Eternity. Just a little less than ten dollars, this game is full of vibrant colors and a lot of fun. You will have to battle through a mythical world and win against opponents in different battles. Unlike other games, however, there is no need to worry about randomness in this RPG. Instead, this game is about battles that are fixed and they are not driven by the variety of many modern options but harken back to the RPGs of old.

Mage Gauntlet


Mage Gauntlet is a great game that does not have the best graphics when compared to many other games but is packed with a great adventure and gets quite addictive very quickly. Though its graphics aren’t stunning, the price is reasonable and there is more depth than may appear at first. For that reason, consider this as a potential must-have on your iOS device if you drool over RPGs.

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