Zotac GTX 1080 Mini – Recently Unveiled At CES


The usual case with custom PC building used to be the bigger the better, but that has changed now. Hardware manufacturers have gotten better along the way and they are now able to create small form graphic processing units which give the same amount of performances while not occupying the same amount of space. The latest small GPU to be unveiled is  Zotac GTX 1080 Mini.

Zotac has been making great small form hardware parts for a while now with its Mini line of GPUs. The hardware manufacturer is generating large amounts of profits with these cards because the small form factor building isn’t filled with that much competition right now. The Zotac GTX 1080 Mini has been unveiled during this year’s CES and it ships with a custom PCB that has only an 8-pin power connector

While it’s still a Mini GPU, the cooling system is quite impressive. The card comes with a dual fan setup while the small heatsink is placed at the end of it. The cooling process works really well because the GPU’s back plate is filled with small holes which help the GPU cool off. There isn’t that much information about its clocking speeds available right now, but taking in consideration that the chip has just been unveiled this is completely understandable.

This graphics card is the perfect choice for people who’d like to build their own small factor PC or also for people that have already built one and would like to improve its performance. Especially since Zotac is renowned for having one of the best cooling systems. Nonetheless, we can expect that during the upcoming CES days, Zotac will reveal additional information such as price.

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